Fundraising Events

So at some point in your life you have been part of a fundraising campaign, so you will all have your own ideas about fundraising events.  Doing fundraising events is more time consuming than just asking for sponsorship but its a way that people may feel more comfortable in giving you money.  You may even get a company to sponsor the event! Get your whole club to get involved and make it a social.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Quiz Night –  who doesn’t love a quiz night!  A local pub may already be doing a quiz night and raise the money for you instead!
  1. Curry Night –  There are certain restaurants that will host an event for you.  It can be around £10 a ticket for curry and £5 goes to the restaurant and £5 goes to you.  People are more likely to do this than give you hard cash. Also people may be keen to support you so give you £10 but not actually want to attend the evening.
  1. Raffle – This is a great way to raise money and it isn’t constrained by a certain event.  You can promote this on social media and draw the raffle live on facebook. Most companies are likely to give you a gift to use in the raffle than money.  I.e. butchers may give you meat hamper, hairdresser will give a voucher, local pub can give a voucher for a meal. All of this is good for them to as you can share their companies on social media as you promote the raffle. Win Win situation.
  1. Promise Auction – You can auction off your skills.  The basic premise is you make a promise to say ‘clean someone’s house’ and then they bid for that.  You could get all your team involved if they like you enough to help you raise money!
Negotiating Fundraising Events…