Company Sponsorship

Getting sponsorship from companies is a more difficult task than getting donations from family and friends.  But it’s not impossible! Your crowdfunding campaign is important as it adds validity to your request for sponsorship.

Who to ask

The best companies to ask are those where you know someone in it, maybe the owner.  Especially the company that you work for – which is not always possible.

Maybe the local plumber who has been to fix a few things in your house and you see down the local. Maybe your local?

Other companies that maybe interested in sponsoring you are those who will be involved in sport, so maybe a local sport therapist/physio who will benefit from being linked to you playing for Wales.

Don’t forget to tell them that every little helps.  They may only sponsor you £30/£50 but a couple of those will help you along the way.  In my experience, the bigger the company the less you are likely to get sponsorship unless you know someone in the company.

Tell them what you can do for them

Not many companies will sponsor without something in return.  So what do you have to offer them?

Social Media Exposure –  You can big them up on social media, you can have photos taken with them and plaster them all over all your social media tagging them in it.  You can also like and share their pages and posts on social media giving them more exposure to your friends.

Local Community –  A local business may like that you are a local resident and are bringing up the name and pride of your area.  Sponsoring you will look good to the local community.

How to approach them

Even if you know someone in the company you may still have to send in a request for sponsorship.  So tell your story, be as human as possible. Explain why you want sponsorship and what it’ll be spent on.  Give them the link to your crowdfunding page so they can see it all for themselves. Explain how you think it’ll benefit them.

Be prepared to be rejected.

Companies will ignore you and reject you.  Don’t worry about it. Move on.

Chasing Company Sponsorship like…